Misty Mountain Domestic Water Improvement District
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Misty Mountain Domestic Water Improvement District

Frequently Asked Questions…and Their Answers


  1. I am moving into the district. How do I get my water turned on? 

    • If you are new to the district, please start by going to our website.  http://mistymtndwid.com
    • You will find the forms to turn on service, pay for service, and plan to have the meter installed with the assistance of the CWO and/or Board officer.
    • Email us at mistymountaindwid@gmail.com
    • Complete and submit forms to mistymountaindwid@gmail.com
      • Member Application
      • Copy of Deed
      • Fee to buy into the water system.
      • Arrange payment and installation of meter by contacting Bruce Pferdeort President at 520-664-4501. Your water meter can be installed at the member’s convenience.
    • Your meter will be read starting on the first of the month following meter installation. Your first bill will be sent near the first of the next month.
    • Minimum water bill is currently $32/ mo. for 1000 or fewer gallons.
  1. I am leaving the district. Who do I notify?

    • To have your meter turned off, you must notify us at mistymountaindwid@gmail.com
    • To make your final payment  contact us via email to find out the amount and pay the usual way, or contact the Treasurer directly.
    • Please pay off your bill ASAP.
  1. My water bill is a lot higher than last month; how do I know if I have a leak?

    • If you notice a higher than usual water bill and you have not used more water for items like garden, lawn, animals, notify us immediately.
    • Check for a leak by turning off all faucets, etc. Go to your meter box and lift off the cover. If the meter is the one with the diamond and it is spinning, you might have a leak. There are four different kinds of meters; yours may look different.
    • PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB THE METER. It is property of the MMDWID.
    • A board member will work with you to help you read the meter and isolate the leak, if needed.
    • If the leak is on the street side of the meter, the district is responsible for repairs.
    • If the leak is between the meter and the house, the homeowner is responsible for repairs. We can help; give us a call.
  1. I only come to my property in the summer. Can I shut off the water in the winter?

    • You can shut off the water to your property by turning off a valve on your side of the meter.
    • However, you are still responsible for paying the minimum fee each month.
    • All meters are read the first of every month. If the meter reader notices a problem, such as a spinning counter when no one is home, they will contact you immediately and turn off the water meter at the street.
    • We are committed to conserving water, and we work to isolate problems as soon as we are made aware. Therefore, it is imperative that you keep us informed of your most recent contact information including phone number and email address.
  1. Can I get my bill by email?

    • Yes, all water bills are now emailed to customers that provide us with an email address..
  1. Is there any way to pay my bill electronically?

    • Most banks provide their customers with electronic Bill Pay. Just set up Misty Mtn. DWID as a Payee and pay your bill every month electronically. No stamps, no envelopes, no trips to the mailbox. Call your bank to see if they charge a fee., or if you have any questions.
    • Currently we are NOT able to accept payment via credit card.
    • Stay tuned as we are making updates and all information will be posted on our website.
  1. Can I turn off the water meter?

    • NO, only a board member can shut off the water meter on the street side of the meter.
  1. What part of the water line am I responsible for?

    • The homeowner is responsible for any repairs to the system from the meter to the house and the rest of the property, including inside the house.
  1. Who do I contact if I have a problem with my water?
    • If you have a problem with your water, and it is NOT an emergency, please contact us via our website or email mistymtnwater@outlook.com during normal business hours.
    • If you have a problem and it IS an emergency. Call Board President Bruce Pferdeort 520-664-4501, or Repairs Coordinator Tom Heritage at 928-368-4834. 
  1. Is the water tested?

    • YES! As a Domestic Water Improvement District (DWID) we are monitored by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ). We undergo rigorous testing and monitoring of water samples. Our Certified Water Officer (CWO), tests the water, manages the system, and ensures that our drinking water meets government standards. As a matter of fact, our water won the Best Tasting Water in Arizona award, 2 years in a row for the best quality water. Every year we publish our Consumer Confidence Report on our website which tells you about the quality of our water.
  1. Should I store water in case of an emergency?

    • Occasionally we must shut down the system for maintenance or emergency. In that case, the district will be notified. It is a good idea to store a 50-75 gallons in case the shut off lasts more than 48 hours.
  1. Who are the members of the District and the Board of Directors? 

            Members of Misty Mountain Domestic Water Improvement District:

Each individual property in Misty Mountain Estates that has a water meter provides one Membership in MMDWID to its owner(s).
               Board members
    • Bruce Pferdeort-President
    • Maura Reisop: Vice President
    • Janice D'Urso: Secretary/ Treasurer
    • Tom Heritage:  Maintenance Coordinator, At Large Board Member
    • Paul Dettmer: At Large Board Member

13. Are there meetings we can attend?

    • Yes, all board meetings are open to the public.
    • Meetings are held every 3 months. Dates will be posted on the website. Special meetings may be called and will also be posted on the website.
    • Notice of a meeting agenda will be posted at least 24 hours prior to the meeting on the kiosk at the corner of Misty Mountain Lane and Deer Run and on the website.
    • All minutes of the meetings will be posted on the website.

14. How do I find out the news of the district?

    • News of the water district can be found on the district website https://mistymtndwid.com
    • News will also be emailed / mailed to district customers if needed.
    • We also distribute a Annual Year in Review to all customers.